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Beautiful Bays


Morlaix, Douarnenez, Audierne... Discover the beautiful bays of Finistère!

Morlaix Bay

From Roscoff to the Pointe de Primel, Morlaix Bay has 1001 faces. Rocks and islands are sprinkled throughout the waters; the château du Taureau guards the bay and, next to it, Ile Louet and its holiday house. The bay's largest island is Ile Callot, accessible by foot for a certain number of hours each day when the tide is low enough; the fine sandy beaches, the cliffs and coastal point all beckon you to discover an extraordinary 360° landscape. Let yourself  be drawn along and discover the treasures of Morlaix and its surrounding area.

And don't miss the unusual churchyards called enclos paroissiaux, symbols of the relationship between our forebears and the heavens.

Make sure you see...

Douarnenez Bay

Discover one of Europe's most beautiful bays, steeped in legend. This is said to be where the Ville d'Ys was lost to the waves in ancient times, rather like the lost city of Atlantis, and the surrounding countryside has inspired countless storytellers, artists and musicians. Douarnenez Bay forms an arc from the Crozon Peninsula to the Cap Sizun.

Make sure you see...

  • The GR34 coastal path.
  • The seven beautiful beaches
  • The three ports - the fishing port, the old port and the Port Rhu
  • The sparkling marina at Tréboul
  • The mysterious Ile Tristan that can only be reached on foot at low tide  and even then, only with a guide
  • The Sardine trail that will tell you about the town's rich history

Audierne Bay

From the Pointe du Raz to Pointe de Penmarc’h, Audierne Bay is an area of exceptional beauty, and a photographer's dream. The landscape is varied, from sheltered family beaches to roaring waves perfect for surfing, from drifts of sand dunes to dramatic plunging cliffs of granite, from marshy stretches to flat pebbles....

Audierne itself is know for having its moorings right in the centre of the town so that its maritime heritage cannot be overlooked, but th whole area has a rich history and you could lose days happily wandering and meandering.

Go and see the 4km dunes of Treffiagat, and, of course, the crashing seas around the Pointe du Raz, feared by sailors the world over!

Make sure you see...

  • the visitor centre 'Maison de la Baie' in Tréguénnec, the adorable chapel of Saint-Vio (the smallest in the area) the bird reserve with its 97 species
  • Tronoën Chapel and its calvary, surrounded by the colourful tulips in spring
  • the Pointe de la Torche which offers a unique viewpoint, ideal to watch surf riders
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